10 Incredible Places to See in Italy

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This list of the best places to see in Italy will help you plan one or several trips to one of the most breathtaking countries in the world. We believe Italy is perfect to explore through a long journey or multiple getaways.

This country, which once dominated the world during the time of the Roman Empire, boasts an endless list of tourist attractions. From awe-inspiring archaeological sites to masterpieces of painting and sculpture by the greatest masters in history, Italy is home to towns frozen in time and cities where you can get lost in their ancient quarters. Moreover, Italy offers a myriad of unique experiences that are sure to steal your heart.

Another great reason to travel to Italy is to indulge in the extensive variety of dishes made with high-quality ingredients, which have made Italian cuisine one of the best in the world.

Drawing from our more than 15 visits to this country, one of our favorites, which allowed us to write this Italy travel guide and this list of tips for traveling to Italy, we have compiled a selection of what we believe are the 10 must-visit places in Italy. Let’s get started!


Tuscany, located in the heart of the country, is, for us, the most beautiful region and one of the must-see places in Italy. Starting with Siena, the capital of this region, you can explore medieval towns that have preserved all their charm, landscapes of gentle hills dotted with vineyards and sunflowers, cypress-lined roads that lead to fantastic rural houses, and above all, unbeatable cuisine.

We recommend dedicating a week to exploring this region at your own pace, completing this list of the most beautiful places to see in Tuscany.

San Gimignano



Visiting Rome is a must for anyone passionate about travel and one of the best things to do in Italy. In this eternal city, you can see some of the great architectural wonders of history such as the Colosseum or the Pantheon, which will transport you to the golden age of the Roman Empire.

In addition to the archaeological sites, Rome is a city to wander aimlessly through the narrow streets of charming neighborhoods like Trastevere, be amazed by finding squares like the Trevi Fountain or Navona, and make your way to the Vatican to be left speechless when entering the Sistine Chapel.



Cinque Terre, another must-see in Italy

Cinque Terre, consisting of five picturesque villages (Vernazza, Corniglia, Monterosso al Mare, Riomaggiore, and Manarola) nestled between cliffs and surrounded by olive groves, is another incredible place to visit in Italy.
To reach these villages with their beautiful colorful houses, you can take a train from La Spezia or a boat, which offers the best views of all the villages except for Corniglia, which is not directly on the sea but perched on the cliff.
Whenever possible, we recommend staying in one of the villages for about 3 or 4 days and taking day trips by boat, train, or hiking to explore the rest.
You can complete your trip to Cinque Terre by visiting Portovenere and Lerici, a beautiful fishing village located in the Gulf of Poets.

Cinque Terre



The unique location of Venice on a group of islands in the lagoon of the same name in northern Italy makes it a city like no other, and another must-visit place in Italy.
In addition to the daily battle to protect the city from rising waters, Venice offers visitors a dreamlike stroll through canals, narrow streets, stone bridges, and Renaissance palaces and churches.
The only obligation when visiting this city is to put away the map or GPS and get lost in its historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and take a gondola or vaporetto ride along the Grand Canal.
If you have time, we recommend visiting the nearby island of Burano, a little Venice that will capture your heart at first sight.




The densely populated island of Sicily, located in the south of Italy at the crossroads between Europe and North Africa, is another one of the most beautiful regions to visit in Italy.
The rich archaeological heritage, with spectacular sites, towns that maintain customs from past eras, and the arid landscapes of volcanoes and mountains, make this large island an irresistible temptation for travel enthusiasts.
The best way to explore Sicily is by starting in the capital city of Palermo and embarking on a circular route of about 10 days.
During the journey, don’t miss cities like Taormina and Syracuse, visit ancient medieval villages like Erice, ascend the famous active volcano of Mount Etna, travel back in time at the archaeological complexes of the Valley of the Temples and Selinunte, and end with the stunning landscapes of Scala dei Turchi.




Florence, a city that feels like an open-air museum, is one of the incredible places to see in Italy and another must-visit city in Italy.
The great masters of the Renaissance, such as Michelangelo, adorned this city with their palaces, bridges, and sculptures, making it one of the most beautiful in the world.
Having two or three days in Florence will allow you to stroll through its historic center and discover beautiful squares like Piazza del Duomo, Piazza della Signoria, and Piazza Santa Croce, each of which houses the city’s main gems in the form of churches and palaces.
In addition to these places, you can enhance your visit to the city by exploring the Uffizi Gallery and the Accademia Gallery, where you’ll find Michelangelo’s David, the most famous sculpture in history.
To bid farewell to the city in the best way possible, you can cross the Ponte Vecchio and climb up to Piazzale Michelangelo to enjoy the best views and the most breathtaking sunset in the city.



Amalfi Coast, another place to visit in Italy

On the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea, in the Gulf of Salerno, lies a stretch of coastline that is home to some of the most beautiful villages to visit in Italy.
A journey along the Amalfi Coast, whether by car on the winding and narrow roads during the low season or by boat in the summer, will allow you to enjoy hidden villages nestled between cliffs, impossible coves, and delightful gastronomy.
In addition to spending time in charming villages like Amalfi, Positano, and Ravello, we recommend taking a boat to the exclusive island of Capri to top off your trip.



Milan and Lake Como

Milan, located in the beautiful region of Lombardy and overshadowed by cities like Rome or Florence, is another famous place to visit in Italy.
In addition to its luxurious shops and exclusive venues, this city boasts a rich historical and cultural heritage, with highlights including the Duomo and Leonardo da Vinci’s fresco, The Last Supper.
Another reason to travel to this city is its proximity to other wonders of the country, such as Lake Como and the Alpine region.
Taking a trip to Lake Como to visit the villages along the shore like Bellagio and Varenna, as well as the luxurious villas of Balbianello and Carlotta, is another must-do experience in Italy.




Sardinia is undoubtedly another must-visit place in Italy, offering visitors stunning white sandy beaches and turquoise blue waters that rival the best of the Caribbean.
In addition to enjoying a sun-soaked beach vacation, this island is home to charming medieval towns and cities, archaeological sites from the Roman and Phoenician eras, magnificent natural landscapes, and a delightful cuisine that combines pasta with seafood.
The best way to explore the second largest island in the Mediterranean is to rent a car and embark on a circular route for about 5 days, starting from Alghero or, if you have more time, ending in Cagliari.
During your journey across the island, be sure not to miss these must-see places in Sardinia, including the Gulf of Orosei, the village of Castelsardo, the Costa Smeralda, and the Isle of Magdalena.

Cala Luna in the Gulf of Orosei


Naples and Pompeii

The chaotic yet charming city of Naples, always under the looming threat of Mount Vesuvius, will transport you to traditional Italy as you wander through narrow streets lined with ancient buildings and balconies adorned with hanging laundry.
To truly experience the city, we recommend exploring the must-see attractions in Naples and taking some of the best tours and excursions from Naples, which will allow you to delve deeper into the city’s history and discover nearby wonders.
Among the nearby places to visit in Italy, the ancient Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum stand out. These cities have been remarkably preserved, having been buried under layers of ash from Mount Vesuvius for centuries.
To reach Pompeii from Naples, you can take a train from Stazione Circumvesuviana or a bus from Piazza Garibaldi, which will get you to the entrance of the archaeological site in about half an hour.
It is advisable to book your entry to Pompeii in advance to skip the often lengthy queues, which can sometimes exceed an hour.



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